Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let the Giveaway Quiz Begin

First some guidelines for the quiz. There will be one question a day. Answer in the comments. Yes, I know this means if you answer 2nd or 3rd you can look at the person's answer in front of you. I'm not sweating it. Why not? Because the contest is based on simply commenting, not getting the answer right. For each quiz question you answer your name will be entered in a drawing to win a signed copy of When Mike Kissed Emma. That means if you answer all six quiz questions, your name will be put in the drawing six times. If you answer one, your name will be put in once. See how it works? This is one of those the more you play the better chance you have of winning contests.

So, without further ado. Here is the first question.
Quiz Question Number 1:
When I was in eighth grade I had a small featured part in the school production. I accidentally poisoned someone. Who did I kill?

Countdown: 6 days


  1. No, No, No! He was shot! Remember? Plus that happened after my eighth grade year.

  2. Umm, I hope you mean that you acted that out & not that you accidentally poisoned someone in the play.

  3. Laurie, yes - it was all an act. No real poison was involved. I promise. :)

  4. I was in the audience and I have no recollection of this. Have you been dropping clues somewhere?

  5. Leo, the clues are all in posts from the past couple of weeks, so just look through some of the older posts. And you might have been in the audience, but you were what, all of six? Can't imagine why you don't remember.