Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blogging Today over at YA Authors You've Never Heard Of

Talking about reusing old characters in new stories over at YA Authors You've Never Heard Of. Go there o check it out!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday the Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! Happy Independence Day! Happy Friday! Whatever makes you happy I wish it to you. That should cover everyone.

So, let's see how about four things for the Fourth of July.

1) Our nation is 238 years old. Well, the Declaration of Independence was signed 238 years ago. A few things had to happen before we were a cohesive nation with laws and such... like winning a war and writing and ratifying a constitution, but those are just details. Today we celebrate our nation's birthday. I remember the bicentennial. I was in fourth grade and everything was centered around Colonial times. We even learned the Virginia Reel in gym class. Good times, those.

2) Hurricane Arthur is making it's way up the coast. Where we are, we shouldn't feel too much impact - some rain and wind today and that is it, but further south of us may be in for a wild ride. As you celebrate your holiday, remember the people who are dealing with the impact of the storm. And if you are somewhere with perfect summer weather today - enjoy and know that I am jealous of you.

3) For a literary take, one of my favorite novels about the Revolutionary War is Liberty Tavern by Thomas Fleming. The best I can tell it's been reissued as a e-book under the name The Heart of Liberty. It deals with the complicated truth that not everyone living here (specifically New Jersey) was all gung ho for liberty from Britain. Some people liked the way things were just fine and the war divided families and neighborhoods. It's important to remember, when things today seem divided, that even times in the past when it looks like everyone agreed - not everyone did (history is written by the winners, after all).

4) On a personal note I started running this week. I'm using the Couch to 5K plan. Not that I'm planning on running a 5K, but I do couch all too well, and need to get in shape. I've run three times so far this week. Yesterday, with 95% humidity and shin splints, I took a rest. Today may be another rest day, since the weather is fairly unsettled right now. I figure if I tell people, it will help keep me accountable.

Have a great Independence Day everyone!