Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 4 of the Giveaway Quiz

Keep commenting to get a chance to win a copy of When Mike Kissed Emma.

Quiz Question Number 4:
How did my annual cookie baking event inspire a scene in When Mike Kissed Emma. Bonus points for anyone who knows what scene it was.

Countdown: 3 days


  1. It had to do with your son's pic being taken with no pants when he was two after you found him in your friend's whirlpool tub at the cookie bake -- pants were in drier. I don't recall the scene in the book though.

  2. okay, I'm stumped here. Really, Jim?

  3. But if we're talking the whirlpool tub, it's the scene with Mike's little sister.

  4. Between the two of you, you got it!