Monday, July 27, 2009

What's in a Name?

I've talked about Mike: how his character evolved and even what kind of motorcycle he drives.

Today lets talk about Emma and how she got her name.

I've mentioned before that When Mike Kissed Emma was more or less a spin off from another story. When I made did that the character name had to change. The name had been Meg. But even that wasn't the original name of the character.

Originally the character's name was Casey. It was a nickname based on her initials, K.C. for Katrina Caldwell. I came up with the nickname first and then found a name to fit it.

And why did I chose those initials. Simple. They were my initials backwards.

After a while Casey simply became Kate.

And then when my husband and I decided to use that name for our daughter the character's name had to change. That's when she became Meg.

But Meg needed a new name for a new story: thus Emma was born.

Countdown: 23 days


  1. Isn't it great how character names come to be? I once named a main character Mina because I couldn't think of a name for her, and Mina was an anagram for main!

  2. Beth - I love that reason for a name! It made me think of my aunt and uncle who had a dog named Wilsey - because they couldn't think of a name. "What's the dog's name going to be" "We'll see".

  3. How fun! I love Emma and it's very timely with today's names.