Saturday, July 25, 2009

Biker Mike Needed a Bike

Mike in When Mike Kissed Emma is known around school as Biker Mike. This is (surprise, surprise) because he rides a motorcycle.

I was more or less content to just leave it at that. But my wonderful critique group called me on it. "What kind of motorcycle?" "What does it look like?" and the suggestion "make it something unique that tells us a little more about the character."

Right. I know next to nothing about motorcycles. So I hit my trusty friend Google. And I found a motorcycle for Biker Mike: A 1941 Indian Chief that he's restoring with his dad. I suspect it looks something like this, or will when they finish restoring it.

Countdown: 25 days


  1. Oh wow! I was wondering what one looked like!

    (btw, that is one of my favorite details of the novel)

  2. And she rides on the back of that!!!!! I was imagining more of a banana seat, but this makes things way more personal!

  3. Yeah, that's why Emma's so unsure about accepting a ride. Not so easy. And way close and personal.