Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting Ideas from Real Life

Every year I get together with some friends and the kids to do some Christmas cookie baking. If you watch the video in that link you'll see that in one of the pictures when my son was about two he has no pants on, only a shirt and a diaper. There's a story behind that.

My friend has a large house and our kids are close in age so it's possible for the kids to all be off playing somewhere, us not to hear them, and that not be a cause for concern. But this particular time we realized we hadn't seen my son in awhile and we started to get a bit suspicious that he was up to something. None of the other kids had seen him for awhile. We started calling his name (he was the quiet kind of hider - wouldn't answer, wouldn't giggle, nothing). Then we heard water running. My friend led the way to her master bathroom. And there was my son, standing in the middle of her whirlpool tub, the water on, a huge grin on his face.

So, the pants went in the dryer, he is photographed pantless and years later I'm able to incorporate that incident into a book.

Funny how that all works out.

Countdown: 20 days

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