Friday, July 24, 2009

And the Winning First Paragraph?

The opening paragraph for When Mike Kissed Emma is number five.

5) I walked right into him. I didn’t even see him standing there until I bounced off his chest. Books went flying. Pencils and pens clattered across the black and white floor tiles. And I would have landed on the floor too, if he hadn’t grabbed my arms and steadied me. I looked up to thank him, and saw the most gorgeous blue eyes. Really blue. I don’t think I’d even seen anyone with eyes that blue. And then I realized who those eyes were attached to.

Biker Mike.

Jim and Barb guessed right.

Though number two was actually a close second - it was the second to last version. Number six was actually one of the first versions - before I decided to switch to first person. And as for the others, you can see how I was trying to decide where to start the story: the dance, the auditions, the lockers by the hallway. Hallway won - but not at the locker.

Countdown: 26 days.


  1. Wow! 26 days!!! :)

    And I am amazed that they were all real beginnings, not dummies made up for that. Boy, when you revise, you REVISE!

  2. Beth, I guess I do tend to really revise when I revise. :)