Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Putting Yourself in the Story

It was in middle school that I really started to write longer stories. There was one in particular that got quite long and involved. I'm not sure of the exact location of the story right now - though I know I have it somewhere. And what I started to write was fanfiction. I didn't realize it at the time, and I never would have called it that, but that's what it was.

You see, I liked watching Charlie's Angels (and yes, I know I'm dating myself) and I imagined myself getting a recurring role in the show. So I created a role for myself and would think of different episodes I could star in as Jamie, Sabrina's younger sister. Remember this was when I still had delusions of being a famous actress.

Soon I started one of these stories down. I remember that Jamie had a moped. Oh, how I wanted a moped (parental veto came into play on that one). In the story Jamie was in an accident with her moped (moped accident's were the reason for the parental veto in my household) and who should come upon her on the side of the road. Of course, (don't laugh - okay, go ahead and laugh) the Brady Bunch on vacation.

Yeah. That story's a real keeper. I'll have to find it before it can be used as blackmail material by my kids.

After a while I realized that if I wanted to actually get a story published (and be the youngest best-selling author in the US...can't say I didn't have dreams) it probably needed original characters and not the Brady Bunch or Charlie's Angels.

And so I started a new story. And many generations later part of that new story became When Mike Kissed Emma.

More on that other story another day.

Countdown: 28 days.


  1. OK, I cracked up when I got to the part about the Brady Bunch. I bet it was a very entertaining story, though. Where was the BB on vacation when they rescued you on the side of the road? Grand Canyon? Hawaii? Amusement park, minus the important blueprints? Being a diehard BB fan, I must know more details!!

    Looking forward to your book!

  2. Hmmm - good question, Barb. I guess they were just driving down the road in California in a large camper.

    My brothers liked the idea of writing stories about the Brady Bunch and on long car trips we would all write our stories - but theirs were a little more surreal. I won't get into specifics but lets just say there was a serial killer among the bunch.

  3. My bet's that the serial killer was Jan.

  4. Jim, I'll have to check with my brother to be sure, but I think it may have been Marcia.

  5. Very cool story origin, Chris! And OMG I wanted a moped, too. They were awesome!

  6. Tricia - mopeds were so cool. I wasn't allowed to have one though - because my dad was an EMT at the time and he saw too many accidents involving them.

  7. That must have been a REALLY large camper. LOL about the BB serial killer.

  8. Barb, yup - a REALLY large camper. It's great what you can come up with when reality isn't a factor. And the BB serial killer was only one part of a very strange story my brother wrote.