Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's the Theme

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So, what do these three things have in common?

They were all bookmarks my daughter was using the other day. All for the same book. All at various times. I don't know if there is a bookmark in the book now or not.

I've heard about the strange things librarians find as bookmarks including a piece of bacon (!?) but what are some of the strangest things you've used as bookmarks?

I know I've used band-aid wrappers, junk mail, and I believe once or twice another book to hold my place.

What about you?


  1. I guess this is when I cringe and admit I almost never use bookmarks. The great thing about ARCs is I don't have to feel bad at all about dog-earing pages.

  2. I've also used other books as bookmarks.
    If another book is not immediately handy, I've been known to use recipe cards, shopping lists, those subscription forms that fall out of magazines, and pencils.

  3. My laptop while waiting in the car, and once, a zucchini in a cook book. Does that count?

  4. MacBeth - I think zucchini wins as oddest bookmark.

    Barb - I've used all those things too - any piece of paper or relatively flat object is fair game.

    Sarah - tsk tsk dog-earing pages? But in ARCs it's fair game I guess. :)

    Thanks for answering.

  5. I normally use tissues as bookmarks. The Santa Claus and Pants were just handy. But the sticky note was actually quite clever, for me, that is. How big does a book have to be to use a laptop as a bookmark?? And doesn't the zucchini ruin the page? Have you ever noticed that different books have different smells? Sometimes I have my nose in a book; literally.
    -Pipi :) x) :D