Monday, May 17, 2010

Sharing Blogs on Monday

Mondays are tough. And since I front load my week with chores, Mondays often feel like they fly by without me even getting a chance to think a coherent thought. So today I want to share some blogs that celebrate writing for kids and teens.

1) I may not be from Texas, but the Texas Sweethearts have a special place in my heart. Jo Whittemore, P.J. Hoover and Jessica Lee Anderson have teamed up in a truly spectacular way. If you haven't watched any of their videos you are really missing out.

2) Vivian Mahoney is the HipWriterMama and she uses her blog to encourage writers with inspirational videos, thoughtful writing prompts and contests of all shapes and sizes.

3) Mitali's Fire Escape is where Mitali Perkins chats about books between cultures. Thoughtful discussion and inspiration are never in short supply.

And last but not least for today, a new blog and the reason I thought to do this post at all:

4) The League of Extraordinary Writers is where four deput YA dystopian authors (Beth Revis, Julia Karr, Angie Smibert and Jeff Hirsch) are gathering to discuss all things dystopian. Go check it out! They have a contest going right now - you might win something fun!

And now, to finish the laundry and put away the groceries and then maybe I'll get some writing in before the kids get home (see why I need inspirational blogs?)


  1. Thanks, Chris! I'm finally getting caught up, and I really appreciate it!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out, Chris!