Friday, January 16, 2009

Poetry Friday

Once again, for Poetry Friday, I'm going to offer a poem written by my 12-year-old daughter. This was written as a school assignment. It is about a warrior - and through the poem you can see his transition from brave, before battle, to scared during the battle, to relief to be home afterwards.

I Am...
by KRM

I am the warrior,
I am the strength of words,
Cutting deeply into someone's mind.
I am the swiftness of a bolt of lightning,
Here one minute, gone the next.
I am the sweetness of revenge,
Like peppermint dipped in powdered sugar.
I am the silence of snow, spilling from the sky.
I am the anger of the wind,
Wrecking homes and uprooting trees,
I am the warrior.

I am the stillness of a rabbit that's been seen,
I am the teeth of a wolf, sharp,
and bloodstained.
I am the curtain of death,
Blocking out the light of life.
I am the ferocity of a tiger,
I am the boldness of a bear,
I am the warrior.

I am the size of an ant,
Praying that I won't get squished.
I am the sadness of an empty home
I am the whisper of the breeze
tickling the trees,
I am the lie in the fruit of truth.
I am the mistake in perfection.
I am betrayed.

I am the taste of relief, warm
and bittersweet.
I am the color of happiness
and hope.
I am the calm of warm cookies
in the winter
I am the laughter of a newborn
I am the strength of words,
I am the warrior,
I am back.

The Poetry Friday round up is at Karen Edmisten's place today.


  1. Before I was married, my initials were was funny seeing my old initials by a poem!
    Your daughter has quite a talent with poetry! Love her word choices!

  2. I love these lines: "I am the lie in the fruit of truth.
    I am the mistake in perfection.
    I am betrayed."

    She's only 12!

  3. She turned 12 this week. I'm in awe of her writing ability, and not just because I'm her mom!

  4. I am IMPRESSED. Wow. Seriously wow. She is quite a talent, regardless of her age. You could have told me she was 26 and I'd have still been amazed by her work.

  5. I am impressed, and I am definitely not her mom and therefore have no bias!

  6. Totally totally impressed. As usual :)

    My fav line: "I am the stillness of a rabbit that's been seen"


  7. I love my granddaughter's poetry. She brings words to life! Ammy

  8. I agree with the others: wow. What a fabulous poem!

  9. Thank you, thank you, one and all. I like the lines: I am the Lie in the fruit of truth, I am the lie in perfection. But that's just me. Just wait until I am old enough to publish NOVELS!
    -KRM (Pippi, for those of you who know me that way.)

  10. Oh, I love this poem. Powerful! What a talented poet!

  11. "Awesome" is not enough to express my admiration for her! Christine, she is very talented!

  12. Wow! She should submit somewhere that accepts works done by children, like Stone Soup.